About Ian McCormack

Ian McCormackIan McCormack grew up in New Zealand and from a young age shared a passion for the outdoors, all sports and particularly the ocean. Amongst his favorite sports are rugby, diving, sailing, fishing and surfing. He is also a fully trained lifeguard. Receiving a degree in Agriculture and Dairy Science, Ian then worked with the NZ Dairy Board. At the age of 24 he set off on a trip around the world for two years, surfing all the major surf spots including Austrailia, Bali, Java, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ruenion Island, Mauritius and South Africa. In 1982, on route back to New Zealand for his younger brother’s wedding, Ian had a final stop over in Mauritius. Whilst night diving, Ian was stung five times by the deadly box jellyfish and later pronounced dead at the hospital. He later came back to life in the hospital morgue having had a profound and life-changing encounter with Christ.

Since 1983, Ian has been in full time ministry and over the last 29 years has traveled to over 55 nations to share his testimony and minister. He is an ordained pastor with the New Zealand Assemblies of God Church and has worked as a missionary in various places including amongst headhunters for four years in Borneo.

Ian is the very proud husband of Jane, who was born in the US. They have three children, Lisa, Michael and Sarah. Together they received a calling from God to move to London and arrived there in 2007. Along with other leaders, they started Kingsgate Church in central London in 2009.


Videos about Ian’s Journey

Praying Mum

Praying Mum from Ian McCormack on Vimeo.

Ian’s Return to his Parents in New Zealand

Ian’s Return To His Parents In NZ from Ian McCormack on Vimeo.

The Nurse

The Nurse from Ian McCormack on Vimeo.