Scott Mortensen

scottmortensen_1A In 1994 Scott Mortensen was a high school honors student and varsity athlete He had a beautiful girlfriend, played guitar, and drove an ’87 Toyota 4×4. Life was good. Then, everything changed. Scott was diagnosed with rare, flesh-eating bacteria that had decimated 80% of the cartilage around his vertebrae. His survival chances were slim. After six weeks on intravenous treatment and two months in a back brace, Scott exceeded the doctors’ expectations and fully recovered 100%. Then he made a personal promise to himself: “Make your good life great.” Since then he has traveled around the world performing acts of philanthropy, been a firefighter, paramedic, independent film maker, cliff diver, performed a rescue on Mount Everest, Surfed 50 foot waves and been an actor on network television.

Scott also is The Perfect Wave’s Surfing Second Unit Director.